Are You Festival Ready?


It’s July in the uk and that can only mean one thing, festivals! Over the years I have been to many, heck, I even met my husband at one. They range from raging mosh pits to zen healing fields and it’s always the most fun to plan costumes and makeup looks to feel mega festive. It’s all about fun, glitter and good times. Let’s go!

First of all, you are going to be out from your tent and away for the day (if you are hardcore like me) and you will want to have some comfort supplies (drop toilets anyone?) and touch up goodies and maybe a transformer product for the night festivities to switch it up.

Is time to have fun and try the non day to day. Glitter, molten metals and bright colours…. Remember it’s not a tattoo so have fun.


Glitter stars, adhesive gems and fun shadow and lip shades at the ready! You will need glue (duo lash adhesive and gel adhesives are great) and some imagination. I feel like this channels my old rave days and it fills me with joy. I like to pop them on the high points of the face and on the tops of the shoulders. Think of where the light hits, that’s the spot!


Glitter. More is more. That’s the rule. At the moment there is a hideous trend of having it on the top of your butt cheeks, trust, you will not want to remove this later and you will be finding glitter in places you never imagined for MONTHS, even years! Glitter follows you everywhere. It’s fun though and there are great places to put it that are not below the belt. Eyes, lips and upper body are great places. Pat McGrath did some really fun lip glitter kits. Mac glitter pigments are awesome and stargazer (available at Top Shop and on line) do LOADS of festival fun kits that come with the gel adhesive too. These adhesive gems in the photos are a bargain from Primark! You can even amazon prime this stuff so there is no excuse to not sparkle this summer. 

Removal: To make it easy for later do not use mega heavy adhesives, it also will feel like you have a layer of sandpaper on your skin and it’s horrible to remove. Once you commit to glitter that’s it’s. It’s with you for the rest of your festival (or your life). If you do want to try to remove it in a tent (brave) I would have cleansing oil (MAC and Bobbi Brown do good ones and of course if you can find it Shu Uemura) and face wipes. This is about the only place and time I recommend face wipes (not baby wipes! Those are for bottoms and not your face) as they are not the best way to remove makeup for the day to day and they are mega bad for the environment. End of that rant, I will save it for another time. First use the cleansing gel on dry skin, massage around, if you have water you can then dampen it and massage more, then use the wipes to remove.

For my non glitter more conservatives ladies there is still hope without going crazy. Using more fun out of the norm colours on your eyes and lips can be super fun and easier to remove than glitter. Think of fun metallic shadows and glitter ones too! Bobbi Brown have serious sparkle textures and even Tom ford Beauty did an entire range of extreme colours for lips and eyes in autumn! Nars do some fun shadows in bright shades and Inglot (a Polish company available in most major cities and online) have soooo many shades and textures to choose from and they start at a fiver! Brilliant!

IMG_8619 2.JPG

That is my round up for colour and now for the other thing that saves your life, 
I mentioned a “comfort” bag earlier. This is essential!!! Port-a-loos are with enough music and fun (and alcohol if you do) easier to take as a part of the festival package. But you want to make it as pleasant as possible. This kit needs, hand sanitiser, sanitising wipes, pocket tissue and a body spray. This is all you need to make the port a loo clean and as nicely scented as possible. Whatever you do when you get in don’t look down in the toilet (barf). Spray first when you get in and if its day 2 and they are getting full (barf again)I will put a tissue in the loo first so I can’t see what is in it. You have your pocket tissues and sanitiser for your hands so are good to go. Now this for some might be a bit extreme but I want to mention them as I really found it clean, easy and quite frankly a little liberating, no squatting, its lightweight and discreet, clean and easy. I’m talking about a shewee. Don’t be scared to give one a go especially if you are at an overnight festival for a few days. They come with a case that fits easily in your bag. Some festivals even hand out shewees that are disposable and recyclable along at female only urinals, less queues and cleanliness. Win. 

Ok so that’s my festival round up! Have fun! Rock out! Peace out! Sparkle on! And have fun this summer at your festivals!

BeautyLori Woodhouse