Ready... Set...Glow!

One of the hottest trends that sees no sign of dying out is glow. Highlighting has been a makeup artist secret for many years and now everyone is using it. It’s great for many things, I particularly like it as a natural alternative to contouring, that trend is still strong too but not as fool proof. 

There are so many products out there from creams, powders, sticks and liquids. As technology gets better these products do too. They are more and more like skin and I will now share what I use and love. 

As a dry skin lady I like to start my glow at skincare. Cleansing well each night (my go to at the moment is Cleansing Oil from Bobbi Brown), and then following with a great tonic/essence is the baseline for my glow. 

Tonics / Acids / Essences / Exfoliants:

First note, if you use them you MUST wear sunscreen daily. Your skin will need protection. 

My favourite glow tonics/acids/essences/liquid exfoliators are......


Lets start here for the beginners with Pixi Glow Tonic, this is a total cult classic. if you have not used anything like this before, start here, and when you do start you will notice a massive improvement! This is a light acid toner (only 5% glycolic) with brightening properties, it gently exfoliates and really plumps the skin. You can find it at larger Marks and Spencer’s (in the Beauty area) in the UK and also online. For over 30’s (OR if you have used acids before) I would use the Pixi Glow Peel Pads, they offer the same results as the tonic but the pads have a higher level of acids (20% glycolic) and it is needed as our we get older and our skin needs more help exfoliating as the renewal process slows. I’ve saved the big guns for the over 40’s, Lotion PW50 from French company Biologique Recherche. They also have a more intense level of Lotion P50 but I would recommend you start light and work your way up even if you have used acids before. You need to ease into this one.  Your skin will go a little red (yes it’s ok) and it smells beyond awful, but the results are SO worth it. All of us that use it will say so.


Next, a good moisturiser with a glow. I am in love with the Tom ford Beauty Radiant Moisture Soufflé. It’s a dream in a jar that feels like silk on the skin. I use this in the morning as my moisturiser and primer in one. If you don’t have very dry skin MAC strobe cream is another classic that is a pearlescent glow giver, lightweight and great under makeup. At night you can stick to a normal moisturiser as you will not be applying makeup and thus do not need the optics they contain. 


Highlight not the tin man: 

Creams, compacts, liquids, and powder high-lighters, there are so many. In this sea of sparkle and glow how do you choose?! Texture is important. And never use too much of a good thing. With highlighting less is more for sure. You don't want to shine like the Chrysler Building. 


Liquids sit naturally on the skin. I’m over 45 so I don’t want to increase the texture with hi lighting on my skin and love this texture. It’s a delicate balance to hi light and not get too much texture. Tom Ford Beauty do a liquid hi light that is so versatile.  Firelust Skin Illuminator can be put into a foundation, be worn underneath foundation or over the foundation. It’s a peach pink shade that is like a golden sunset. My next pick is Mac cream compact in shell. This beauty was so ahead of its time, I think it launched in 97? It is good for eyes and face! Win. 

Highlight sticks 

This one is limited edition but so worth a mention as it is great on the go with a blush and a glow in one! Genius. It is the Tom Ford Shade and Illuminate Glow stick. This double ended stick has a gorgeous peach/coral cream blusher on one end and then a pearly/gold hi light on the other. Great mixed or on their own. I loved to do the coral first and then the hi light on top all over the cheek area. 



I wouldn’t be a pro if I didn’t give a mega shout out to the old faithful Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick. This award winner has been the makeup artist secret weapon forever! They apparently world wide sell one a minute! For fair to medium skin l love the shade Pink and for medium to dark Bronze. Sweep these powders on the cheek bones, eyes and if you have your shoulders out give them a sweep too! You inner Beyonce awaits!


My note to leave you in is too much of a good thing can be a bad thing. With hi lighting this is the case. First of all no one wants to look like the tin man, or bring out all the fine lines under your eyes so you look like an old leather bag. So CHOOSE your glow, if you use cream don’t use powder too. Think of creating a glow like you have been on a tropical beach in the sun. Now I’m off to create mine and think of St. Tropez, meanwhile I’m in Cornwall. I’m not disappointed though! Its a total UK gem, and the travel post about it will be up next week. Be sure to read it! 


BeautyLori Woodhouse