About Lori

At 46, after being asked by many friends and clients for advice on everything from skincare routines to fashion, one of them (who I highly regard) mentioned I should have a blog, so here we go! I believe that age is a just a number, you “feel” more an age.

Sometimes I feel 46, sometimes I feel 26! I am not going to lie, it took me until 35 to feel comfortable in my own skin. I want to share what I feel makes a difference to me and helps me as I am nearing 50, which if it is good as my 40’s I can’t wait!

After many years on film sets and working with top beauty brands, finding work-life balance was a priority for me. Work-life balance can be tough in this busy world, but I believe that with some positive thinking, fun and a little fearlessness it is possible.

I am Canadian at heart and have been in London for 10 years, so I consider myself a Londoner too.

By Gattogirl blog is my way to share tips, tricks, things I think women should know about, that I am asked about and I have tried.