Summer Scents to Take You Away


So we are in the height of summer and I am dreaming of my next holiday. The reality is I am on a hot crammed London Underground train and have no holiday in sight, so I let my fragrance take me there. 

Fragrances are like clothing, they express your feelings, personality and desires. We tend to gravitate towards lighter scents with hot weather, like lighter clothing. We also choose lighter more gentle warm scents, and there is nothing better than feeling transported to island breezes, fresh coast lines and lush forests in the heat. With many new and exciting formats to choose from as well as scents I am really excited to share with you my go too’s for the summer. I am going to speak not just about eau de Perfume as I feel that this is the norm. I want to share with you new ways to use scent that are exciting tools and formats. 

Body sprays

Body sprays are no longer just for the youth of today. They are now better than ever and come in very luxe scents to delight. Tom Ford has the most luxe in my mind and they have many in their lineup. For summer I like the Neroli Portofino Collection, they are all in shades of blue cans. Allover body spray in Fleur de Portifino is like the calm of sitting under a shaded tree that is dripping in flowers. The spray can works in all directions so you can be sure to have a luxurious and even application. The mist feels cooling and is such a treat post shower. Before bed this and some clean sheets is a dream on a hot summer night. 

Hair Mists


Hair Mists are not just a great way to scent lightly but they also offer conditioning agents to make your hair healthy. Frederic Malle do quite a few scents but as it is summer there is no better scent than Carnal Flower. You only need a few sprays, your head acts like a diffuser and the hair holds scent beautifully. So this is a big win for light long lasting scent in the heat. Carnal flower is an overdose of tuberose and really smells incredible. I am often stopped and asked what I am wearing when I have this one on. There are also conditioning agents in there so don’t be afraid! A few sprays go a long way and the bottle is a generous 100ml size. Another hair mist I love is from Byredo,  Bal D’Afrique. This is a warm vetiver scent that also goes well with the heat of summer. This gives your hair a veil of fragrance and also leaves it feeling great. It comes in a sleek matte 75ml can that is very portable for when you travel. 

Body products

Body products. There are so many on the market and I want to share a few that I think are unique. Jo Loves Fragrance Paintbrushes are a very innovative way to scent your body and also are extremely portable. The brush feels luxe and I love the smell of a burst of grapefruit, Pomelo is divine. Great to have in your handbag for the Underground, you can apply discreetly and create your bubble in the offensive smelly hot crammed tube, joy! The second one I want to mention is Carnal Flower After sun balm(I know, I know, I had this scent before in hair mist but I am OBSESSED and you could use both at the same time!). This is amazing for for the end of the day when you shower off your sunscreen and want to have a light, cooling and delicate scent. The After sun balm is made with Swiss water for its purity and quality of being the best. This really enhances the unique texture of this gel/creme, it is so hard to describe but it feels like smooth wet silk. That on your skin after a hot day is blissful. They are launching a new scent After sun balm in Eau De Magnolia this month, I know I am going to need that one too! 

Enjoy your hot summer and I hope it smells fantastic.