Keep your face on!

Hello everyone! Its officially summer and I am baking at the moment in the British summer heat (who knew?!). These are the days when we try and keep our faces from melting off when travelling to work on a tube or a bus or in the garden. These greenhouse feels call for some serious sweat proof and light weight options. Like you change your clothing from season to season, makeup is not just about going up or down is shades as you catch the sun, but more like clothing you should change the weight, so your summer foundation is like your floaty cotton dress, and your winter one might be more like a cuddly cashmere jumper. So I am going to share with you what I use in the summer to beat the heat and keep my face on! 

Step 1 - Moisturiser


In summer I swap out to a light weight lotion or a primer and moisturiser in one. My favourites are Aveda All sensitive Moisturiser (no scent and great if you have any sensitivity to that kind of thing), Tom Ford Pink Glow Perfecting Primer (they also have Peach if you are a medium to darker skin tone) and I also love La Mer gel creme (a bit more of an investment but worth it if you can stretch). They all provide the perfect light weight texture that feels like a drink of water for your skin. They are not heavy or overly rich. Remember your skin will produce more oils in the heat. Normally I am dry like the desert in the winter months and in summer I have the balance I dream of all year round, hence the swap to the lighter formulas and textures. 

Step 2 - Sunscreen


Lets speak the truth. This is VITAL all year round. I am often asked what I think the best anti ageing product is and this is always my answer. I wear a factor SPF 50 all year round on my face. So my step 2 is the same always no matter what season. 

When I am choosing an SPF I look for one to bring in some radiance and that works well with makeup. Estee Lauder Crescent White BB cream SPF50 Brightening Balm, is a total gem! It has a slight tint and really gives a glow and smoothness to the skin, bonus! It is richer in texture, I wouldn’t say a balm really, it is more like a rich cream. It is my way of making my skin look awake when I am tired as it also has great optics to make the skin look bright. 

My second favourite is Darphin Intral Environmental Lightweight Shield, the name says it all. This is a really light weight formula that feels as if you have nothing on, it also has a lovely slight tint to it and an SPF50. I really love this one for summer (as it is the lighter of the two) and is super effective on its own at making my skin look great if I feel like going natural and wearing no base. 

Step 3 - Tinted Moisturiser


Ok ladies, this is going to be some tough love for some of you and for others a dream. Like you wouldn’t wear your cashmere jumper in 30 degree heat on the tube, you really do not need a maximum cover foundation weight and texture in the 30 degree heat. This is what will slide off your face and become patchy, cakey and down right un natural looking. In the summer we have the harsh lighting of the sun, this is the brightest light that shows everything! You want to make your skin look the most skin like you can. And the best way is to choose lighter textures and build them up in the areas where you NEED it. You don’t need to wear your base like a mask. I understand for some of you that this is going to take some serious thought and trial, I know that makeup is like a shield of protection and gives confidence, but like anything new it takes time to adjust. Trust me, when you look back at your selfies in 20 years time you will thank yourself that you changed foundations! My recommendations, for those of you who are maximum cover girls, your summer swap is Tom Ford Waterproof concealer foundation. This is a dream, you get the coverage you are used to but in a really light weight formula, you need to try it to believe it. It is also sweat proof and water proof so you are sorted for the tube our the beach. 

For ladies who wear a normal foundation weight I would recommend to switch to a tinted moisturiser. I love the summer and how I can get away with this light weight and easy formula. When my skin is looking good I just feel I don’t need as much, and now that I am 46 textures are EVERYTHING. The less is more approach is the way for sure. I use La Mer The Repairative Skin Tint SPF30. This is an all rounder, you get a smooth light weight finish, coverage to even the skin tone and also a beautiful glow with skin repairing properties! Worth every penny. My other go to would be the Diciem Niod Photography Fluid Tan Opacity 8%. If you have great skin this on it’s own is amazing. It gives a very sheer finish tint to even the skin tone out and cheat you to a 

bronze finish that you may either already have an will enhance, or like most of us who spend more time in than out, the bronze glow we wish we had naturally. The other reason I love this product is that you can add it to ANY of your foundations to cheat them warmer. Great for the transition into summer or to hold on to summer as we enter Autumn. 

Try not to powder too much, this adds unwanted texture and can make you look cakey rather than smooth. Keep the glow! 

For touchups and portability I like the Sulwhasoo perfecting cushion brightening SPF 50 compact. This is great to take with you on the go to touch up with and you need no powder! It is long wearing and a lighter texture to the classic Perfecting Compact SPF50. My other portable option would be the Tom Ford Traceless Foundation Stick. This foundation is like a second skin. You can use it as a concealer too! 

Step 4 - Colour

Cream v powder. If you are drier like me, then I looooove cream textures in the summer. They really give a comfortable finish and a glow. But if you are oily and you haven’t powdered from the last step I would recommend a powder cheek colour and powder shadow products as you will need this to bind the makeup to your skin. 

Lets start for Oiler skins on eyes. If you have oily lids then an eye primer is a good thing to use first. I love NARS Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base. You can use this under anything and it really holds them well, even the heat of the tube will not defeat this one. Use a small amount on the lids and then build up after as normal. 

As for colour shades and style, this is personal, do what make you feel good! I do think though, like I mentioned before, that the lighter shades and textures lend to more of a melt-proof summer look. I love cream shadows, Tom Ford Cream Colour for Eyes are amazing, Spice is a favourite of mine. I also really like MAC Paint pots, so many colours and they stay put. Both of these are great alone or with shadows on top, you choose.

Cheeks. For my friends who know me well, I LOVE blusher. Recently at the last wedding I was attending I found myself putting cheek colour on everyone, not just the bride! Lol! It is crazy how when you bring makeup out from your bag we all flock to it like bees to honey. 

Back to products. I love cream cheeks in the summer. I will start with this and then put some powder blush lightly on top after, preferably with a shimmer if if is a matte cream I have used first.  For a sheer cream blusher I love Glossier Cloud Paint in Puff. Super easy and very sheer and easy to use. You will love this if you have lots of your own natural cheek colour or just like it more subtle. For me, I find it a little sheer so I will also go with a powder one on top after.  My second cream blush I have to mention is Bobbi brown Pot Rouge in Pale pink. It is and has been one of my most favourite cheek colours of all time. It is so versatile and just the perfect shade of pink. If you like more brown and less pink, then powder pink will be more your vibe. They come in lots of colours and you can use them for lips too. This gives the cheeks a beautiful glow with a colour finish. 

Powder blusher. Again I can’t express how much I love blush, it hides a multitude of sins, it will make you look more fresh, rested and healthy! So for powder MAC has loads to choose from, and great price too. If you want to invest a little more the cult classic Dandelion from Benefit is fab and comes with the brush to apply. I also really really love the Illuminating bronzing powder from Bobbi Brown in Maui and Santa Barbara, these illuminate with shimmer and make you look like you are in magic hour all day long. I couldn’t go without mentioning the shimmer bricks too. This  is the little trick that makeup artists love, it makes a real wow moment visually to the skin and your makeup. I love Rose and Bronze, you can also use them on the eyes too. 

For lips you will want to opt for more sheer and stain like textures in summer. I love to use a gloss as a stain, or even my matte liquid lips. I just dot them on lightly and smudge with my finger and voila! You have a fresh lip. Lip colour should be fun and feel good. This for me is why I choose some textures over others. Tom Ford Lip Slicks are amazing! They have such a smooth and glossy finish and condition with oils. Best part is when it wears off I have a stain left on my lips so even if it is later in the day I still look fresh! I also want to call out Lip Stick Queen in Frog Prince. This also leaves a stain behind. It shade matches to the PH levels of your lips to give you the best blush pink! In the tube it looks green, don’t be put off, like magic it morphs into a very natural shade of pink that will suit mostly anyone. 

I hope you enjoy the tips and I want you to enjoy the heat! Be it on the beach, the office or public transport.